Turning Commodities Into

Human-Centric Experiences

We set out to better understand the consumer’s content journey and what they would like to be able to do more of after their content is stored on Western Digital’s line of SanDisk storage products. By talking to a range of consumers, we delved deep into the human side of their emotions of how they would like to be able to manage, organize, create, and distribute their content better.

Humanizing the Audience

We took these insights and storyboarded them into experiences, which we brought to life in the Brand Experience Messaging Playbook. Instead of making the SanDisk product the only focus, we brought in the consumer’s personal experiences using a messaging framework that connects with them on a human, emotional, and relevant level.

Designing the Experience

To bring the messaging to life, we created concepts of experience-led digital ads that frame what the consumer experience would look like in order to show how the SanDisk brand can serve them better.