A Team of Senior Marketers 

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Terry Pickett

Creative Leader

Terry has been an idea creator and innovator in the brand and marketing space his entire career. Pickett Communications, which he founded, became known as one of the top promotional and direct response agencies in Northern California where Terry helped launch many successful brands and promotional campaigns for some of the world’s top companies.

He worked with Apple to help introduce the Macintosh Computer and AppleCare, as well as with a wide range of clients like Bank of America, DHL, Twentieth Century Fox, Symantec, Xerox, SanDisk, and HP. He also worked with over 20 wine brands including Kendall-Jackson Wines and Robert Mondavi Winery. 

The agency became Pickett Advertising in 2002 and created many successful advertising and digital marketing campaigns for such clients like Long’s Drugs/CVS, Honda, and the Oakland Raiders.

Prior to Pickett, Terry was involved in brand and marketing programs for leading global companies including, Pillsbury, Nestle, and McDonalds.

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Laurie Wilk 

Brand Experience Design Strategist

Everyone seems to be talking about brand experience or customer experience design, but many struggle with how to deliver an indispensable one. Laurie has a unique ability to uncover the underlying needs and motivations of prospects and customers and translate those insights into experiences that are transformative, inspiring, and profitable.

Prior to KAI2, Laurie began her career at Apple where she pioneered the first consumer insights group and led a worldwide cross-functional team that resulted in the redesign of products, customer services, and future innovations. After Apple, she worked with several complex technologies, consumer packaged goods firms, and well-known wineries to build customer-centric brands from the ground up, transform existing brands from sterile to imaginative, and create new brand experiences relevant to what customer’s desire.

Marrying strong brand strategy and marketing programs with the humanistic side of customer behavior, Laurie has provided clients the ability to surpass their buyer’s needs, reach new markets, and identify new areas of revenue growth. She has worked with a roster of companies including SanDisk, Western Digital, LivaNova Medical Devices, GreatCall, and a number of innovative startups.


Don Kadish

UX/UI & Solutions Strategist

Don has worked at Fortune 500 companies like SanDisk, Western Digital, and GoPro where he has used his vast experience in ideation, research and development, and product management. This enabled him to bring some of the most complex products and consumer packaged goods to market, define new market segments, and bring in new streams of revenue.


At Western Digital and SanDisk, Don was able to redefine what was possible in the storage category. He took the consumer’s experience beyond a commodity and transformed it into a full solution to where they could not only store masses amount of data, but were also able to access ways to do more with their content. Don created the “Do More Platform” for their customers to deepen engagement with the brand and create new services revenue. This was a place for consumers to discover apps through a very intuitive interface that enabled them to create more imaginative ways to use and distribute their content.


Don built ecosystems from the ground up consisting of partners and developers, which were the backbone for companies like GoPro, SanDisk and Western Digital, to up-level the customer’s experience with their brand that went beyond the product itself.  This included defining the user experience and toolkit requirements to enable connectivity between third party app developers and the client’s products, and building the e-commerce marketplace, resulting in greater brand awareness and new product activations.

He was also a part of transforming the world of film and tape onto flash memory storage with wireless sharing and the next generation of smart phone devices


Mike Macintosh 

Customer Retention & Growth Strategist 

Customer experience is finally on everyone’s mind. With 35 years of active duty in the Silicon Valley, Mike has been advocating for looking at things from the customer’s perspective when he first joined Apple. With a unique background of varied cross-functional and management responsibilities, Mike first implemented ground-breaking customer engagement techniques while General Manager of Apple’s Internet Appliance start-up operation. Since that time, in every position he has held, from CEO of Fuel marketing services, as co-founder of multiple start-ups and as Vice President of Corporate and Customer Relationship marketing at Brio and Hyperion, to Senior Director of Installed Base Marketing & Sales at SonicWall and Dell Software Group, Mike has led focused teams who have achieved incredible results. Take SonicWall for example, where Mike’s team established strategies and programs which drove growth in quarterly upgrade revenue from $1.5MM to over $35MM per quarter today, and renewal attainment from 65% to over 88% today.


Mike’s sole focus (in addition to a brewery start-up) has been helping companies establish goal-driven strategy and practical programs to keep existing customers longer and to grow revenue from those customers by keeping them engaged intellectually and practically.