Conveying An Evolution For How Cars Are Powered

Dressing Up Tire Silos for Tesla's SX Line Launch

Tesla Motor’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy with electric cars. With a timeline of 12 days, Tesla trusted our strategic partner, Nikos Media, to showcase their Supercharger Station by creating an environmental experience that conveys the evolution of how cars are powered. From concept development, illustration, and design to fabrication and installation, Nikos Media’s showed the progression of gas stations whiling creating an environmental experience that would transport people through this humbling evolution.

Tesla Motors wanted to dress up their tire silos for their SX line launch. They expressed that they wanted to hide the large equipment and add a sense of cleanliness to the line. Nikos Media had to consider many factors with this project. The most important were timeframe, budget, and space. During concept development the fact that this area was a tire install station became the driving force for the design. We quickly realized that the road in which these tires meet is a new and exciting road for the automotive industry.