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Instead of asking employees to attend lengthy training sessions with heavy content, use the Captive Portal to seamlessly take them through your courses. We can also turn any of your presentation slides into compelling video.


Provide your staff with 24/7 self-paced training with short videos that educate and spire them to recommend the right cocktails with appetizers, entrees with the right wine, and after the meal.


How we deliver the video training experience will inspire and give them confidence in their recommendations, boosting the average meal price for the restaurant and gratuity for the servers.

Hands, glass and waiter pouring wine for serving, catering or working at restaurant for cu
Call center, manager and happy team at computer for software training, customer service an

Sales Teams
Call Centers
Tech Certifications

Gathering employees together in today's world at the same time in one room, printing and distributing materials, and following up with refresher training, can be daunting and expensive. Instead provide your staff with 24/7 self-paced training with educational videos that actually inspire them to be more productive from desktop or on mobile.

Add questionnaires and follow-up materials right from your own branded training portal. 

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We Deliver A White Glove Experience

No need to have to worry about learning how to use a new content management system, create web pages from templates, and have to manage another platform. We do it all for you, and it’s easy, affordable, and a quick turnaround.

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