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The Captive Portal

A super turnkey web-based solution.


We create the videos and your own branded portal, and all within your timeframe.

Learn more about the Captive Portal through our video conversations around digital transformation.

Insight and Ignite Consumers to Buy in the Moment

We change consumer minds during those initial seconds where we grab their eyeballs and move them from attention to reaction to a transaction.
The most effective way to do this is with our unique Captive Portal™ and customized video creation that is played in a new way. All within a self-contained branded experience delivered right into the consumer’s hand, automatically moving them down a simple path to purchase.

Simpler. Cleaner. Easier.

Image by Luis Morera


A frictionless digital experience that delivers 10x the engagement with extremely high clickthrough rates and the lowest bounce rates. There are no distractions like pop-up ads during the viewing moment, and that follow you, or a playlist of unrelated videos that can easily move consumers to competitors. This new experience allows brands to control the narrative.

Image by Carlos Muza


We track everything going on inside the Captive Portal and combine that with metrics from your website, email campaigns, and more. This tells the full story of your project’s performance so that we can make practical recommendations and changes as needed.

Image by Daniel Schludi


All other video players platforms perform the same, and can easily become a graveyard of disorganized video libraries. The features of our Captive Portal are intended for storytelling and to showcase a brand. How we create the videos and how they are played is what excites and ignites consumers to take action. And, it's what will successfully create sales for you.

Globalization concept


Turn your product into its own direct sales channel. Adding a scrolling ticker is a unique delivery method for sending out promotional offers that does not disrupt the consumer’s viewing experience, it only enhances it. You can also add your own ads, not someone elses,  throughout the portal. If the consumer desires additional information or you want to link them to your shopping cart or event page, we can add buy, find, locator, join or learn buttons to complete the experience and drive more engagement for your brand.

Mobile Phone


Our Captive Portal works with any device connected to the Internet – Desktop, Mobile Devices and Smart TVs! And, the portal is mobile friendlier than a mobile website, which can be challenging to navigate, especially if consumers are scanning a QR code in a busy store aisle, or at an event from their mobile device.

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Our portal does not require lengthy downloads that takes away from the consumer experience. Our Captive Portal is web-based that can connect to just about anything allowing consumers to access a more captivating experience  – QR codes and other NFC technologies, websites, emails, social media, SMS text, and smart TVs at events.

We Deliver A White Glove Experience

No need to have to worry about learning how to use a new content management system, create web pages from templates, and have to manage another platform. We do it all for you, and it’s easy, affordable, and a quick turnaround.

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