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Luxury Wine Hospitality

Creating elevated experiences from your first outreach, to the time your guests step into your wine tasting room, through the tasting experience, when they leave your winery, and how you continue to engage with them. 

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The First Outreach

A luxury hospitality experience starts with the first time they hear from you.


In order for visitors to really engage with your brand, and become a loyal wine club member, they need to come to the winery for a memorable experience.  Or, feel what it would be like from anywhere in the world. 


Standard email communications or social media posts will not cut it for substantial brand growth. What will are visually authentic and captivating moments that visitors will not find anywhere else. In fact, they will feel what it is like to actually be at your winery and tasting your wines from that first time they hear from you.

The Appointment

Embrace an air of exclusivity with an intimate welcome to your hospitality experience.

Rather than a standard reply after your guest makes their wine tasting appointment, set their expectations in a new way with the Captive Portal by exciting them with a visually unforgettable hospitality experience that will be coming their way. You'll already have them engaged with you before they even arrive.


The Wine Tasting Experience

For a winery, a quality experience translates into more tasting room visits, wine sales, and wine club memberships.

Makes it easy for guests to learn more about the wine club at the winery when they are still on the fence to ask.  The Captive Portal is an authentic self-selling experience that ignites guests to ask for more information and become a member before they leave the winery.

Continued Engagement

One of the best ways to stay connected is through wine club memberships or more imaginative post visit email follow-up.


Unfortunately wine club shipments have become expected. Instead of a brochure in a box, bring the winery experience to the home anywhere in the country by adding a QR Code connected to the Captive Portal. Connect the Portal to your website for more winery visits or your shopping cart to generate add-on sales.  This is an opportunity to closely connect with your members, reduce attrition, and trade up with a new way to engage.

Keep the wine tasting experience alive, upfront, and center in your guests mind. Rather than a picture of a wine bottle with traditional tasting notes in email, captivate them with video that shows how the wine tastes, unexpected pairings, and new occasions to enjoy the wine.


We Deliver A White Glove Experience

No need to have to worry about learning how to use a new content management system, create web pages from templates, and have to manage another platform. We do it all for you, and it’s easy, affordable, and a quick turnaround.

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