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Our Work

With more than 20 years of experience in designing for consumer intent, we understand consumer behaviors from every generation.

Learn more about us through our video conversations around digital transformation.

At the
Store Shelf

Puts your brand in the shopper's hand at the shelf.


Make the guest experience more intimate.

Old Book With Magic Lights On Vintage Table_.jpg
Chinese shadow theater for children projected on a bed sheet, themed of Saint George. The


A new way to showcase your brand and convey your marketing message.

Chinese shadow theater for children projected on a bed sheet, themed of Saint George, Apri

Direct to Consumer

Consumers want authenticity and relevance before they engage.

Self-Paced Training

Gathering people together to learn is no longer a challenge.

Black Chips


Pam Novak
Senior Innovative Marketer
Wine Industry

"The Captive Portal platform is a beautiful tool to showcase your brand. It's a dedicated space that communicates your message in a very targeted way; creating a focused consumer journey without clutter of ads or other platform videos that can hijack your message. Additionally, Laurie is an editing genius. She honed in on creating a clear message and made the process simple and easy."

Jim Copacino
Creative Director, Strategist
Copacino Fujikado

"KAI2 understands what motivates shoppers and has the proven skills and experience to motivate them where it matters most - where the purchase decision is made. This sets them apart from typical agencies and consultants that too often live in the abstract world of brand essence."

Craig Branigan
Former CEO, Young & Rubicon Worldwide Brand & Marketing 

"Unlike a lot of videos that can be overwhelming and a turnoff, these videos are simple, clear, concise, engaging, and motivating. Just the right balance to get someone to act on what they have learned rather just having the information go in one ear and out the other."

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