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Captivate Shoppers at the Store Shelf

We are shaping preferences and accelerating shopping decisions in the moment at the shelf.

Thinking Different In Retail

There is a new generation of shoppers that lives, thinks, and buys differently and has reshaped the way we have to market to them. 



When consumers see a QR Code or a label they can scan, they are expecting a unique and relevant experience that correlates to how that brand fits with their needs and lifestyle. Instead, they receive a poor experience that falls flat. This pushes the consumer away, and negatively impacts their perception of the brand.

As an example for wine, consumers first want to get a feel for how the wine will taste and not have to dissect the description on the back of the bottle. Secondly, they want to get excited about new simple occasions that do not require a big event to enjoy wine that they have not thought about themselves. 


Rather than connect a QR code or label to a stagnant landing page or your home page, why not make it easy for shoppers and give them everything they need in that moment to choose your brand with a captivating and relevant experience that moves them from why to buy right at the store shelf. That's what our Captive Portal can do for your brand.

Turn any engagement or product into a self-selling experience!

We Deliver A White Glove Experience

No need to have to worry about learning how to use a new content management system, create web pages from templates, and have to manage another platform. We do it all for you, and it’s easy, affordable, and a quick turnaround.

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