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A New Standard of Engagement

Our Services

Our Services

Campaign Ideation

Are you launching a new campaign? Do you need new energy fueled into your current campaign? Whether it's in-store, online, a direct-to- consumer digital campaign, packaging or a new out of the box experience, we can help you design the theme, creative content, and the promotional elements and metrics for all product types and markets.

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Customer Experience

We will understand your audiences needs and desires better than anyone can, and what gets them to buy. From there, we map out their journey, and deliver an indispensable customer experience at the store shelf, on line, when they open the box, or pretty much anything that can be imagined.

Video Creation

We start by creating a storyboard that will draw people into your brand. This becomes the framework for video creation and editing.  We will take your existing imagery and video assets, use our vast library collection, or acquire assets from outside providers, and create an exceptional visual storytelling experience based on what we are solving for the consumer.

Content Development

We pride ourselves on our brand expertise and storytelling background that relates to consumers on a human and emotional level. This translates into the words and the visuals we create that will spark consumers to engage with you and take action.

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It's time to start thinking about new ways to engage.

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A New Standard for Shopper Engagement.


The most common experiences we see is when a consumer receives an email that is supposed to get them inspired, but links to a landing page where the results fall flat.


Or, that moment in the store aisle, where a shopper scans a display's QR Code, expecting something amazing to happen. Instead, they are faced with the daunting task of watching a long video or scrolling through text that does not spark their reason to buy.


Consumers have limited time to learn about a brand. 


We can help you create an experience for your brand that shows up to meet the shopper in-the-moment, draw them into your story, and touch on their senses. Like an experience that sparks ideas and inspiration, or answers questions to help them along their path to purchase.

Take a look at out infographic of a common scenario in the store aisle.

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Video has an impressive return on investment.

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Video storytelling to connect with audiences.


Video by far has the biggest return on investment, when created from the consumer’s point of view. Especially, if it clearly answers their questions and solves their most common issues.




Video is the most effective way to draw people into your story.


  • It is faster to process and much easier to remember.

  • It holds audience attention by showing movement and progression.

  • It can evoke positive emotions like joy, anticipation, and trust.

  • It helps brands connect more on a human level.

Take a look at our infographic for some impressive video stats.


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Economies of Scale with Video

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No big video or photography production required.

We will storyboard the consumer's experience, create the videos, and distribute them all at economies of scale.

Using the storyboard as our guide, we will create a visual storytelling experience with video by using your existing assets, use our vast library collection, or acquire assets from outside providers.


Our efficient Brand Experience Platform enable us to curate the videos across multiple retail locations, if you have a campaign running at different chain stores. The videos can also be linked out from multiple executions, like a QR Code from a POS display, packaging, or even an out-of-box experience, or a link from an email, social media, or a landing page.

Take a look at our infographic to see how we get it done.

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