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Giving Back Control to Brands


Brands need better connected experiences.

QR Codes and other NFC technologies have grown significantly in popularity, but where they connect to has remained stagnant. When consumers see a QR Code or a label they can scan, they are expecting a unique and relevant experience that correlates to how that brand fits with their needs and lifestyle. Instead, they receive a poor experience that falls flat. This pushes the consumer away, and negatively impacts their perception of the brand.


Picture yourself in this shopping scenario.


You’re a shopper at the local grocery store looking for a new brand of wine. It’s important that you get a feel for how it tastes and if it’s sustainably farmed. Not just a Certified B Corp logo on the label, but the truth behind the sustainability practice that makes you feel good about the wine you will be drinking. You also want to know what your peers might be saying about the wine, just like what you would do with Amazon.


There is a QR Code on the bottle that you scan. Instead of a meaningful and short video experience that 90% of consumers desire today, you are linked to either the brand’s homepage, directly to the shopping cart, or a long-scrolling landing page. Now you are in the middle of the store aisle and you have to click through these type of experiences on your phone for a quick assessment. These pages are truly not mobile-friendly and challenging to navigate, making it more trouble than it's worth. When your answers aren’t there, you go to Google or YouTube to search for yourself.  This is where brands lose control of the narrative during this most powerful moment, and you end up switching to another brand.


That's a poor consumer experience you can easily avoid with your brand. Imagine if you could change a person’s mind in that moment and take them down a progress path to take action with your brand. Well, you can!


Giving back control to brands.


Moments do matter to consumers. They are either exploring or researching on their own without a specific brand in mind. Or they may already know the brand they have in mind. They know they want to make a purchase and may need help deciding what to buy.  We call it the “4 Pillars of Engagement”, which is a decision-making process that the consumer goes through during that moment at the store shelf, on your website, or an email campaign.


It’s really an art of engagement that you have to create during those initial seconds where you grab their eyeballs and move them from attention to reaction to a transaction. The best way to do this is with a short video in a self-contained branded mobile-friendlier experience in the consumer’s hand that automatically moves them down the path to want more.


This is how the consumer wants that moment to feel like:



“I want to keep watching.”



“You’ve ignited my imagination.”

“I like how this impacts my life and others.”



“Give me a reason to care.”

“What are others like me saying.”



“I see the value.”

“I want to engage with you more.”


How you can get started with KAI2.


You are probably wondering how does one get started to create a video like this and how can I best display that monumental viewing moment at the shelf or online?


Hiring an agency to produce one video is expensive and time-consuming videos, and most importantly it is not scalable to support a multi-purpose video strategy.  We make it easy for you.

We create the strategy and produce the videos at a fraction of the cost, enabling you to leverage them across your existing multi-channel platforms.  And, you don’t have to manage another platform, we do it all for you.

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1 Comment

Pam Novak
Pam Novak
Jan 31

Yes, you do make it very easy to achieve great results!

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